Goodies, Butterflies, Flowers & Joshua Trees

by admin, June 4, 2015

Hello everyone!

Here are the photos I will be uploading on my portfolio website over at Zenfolio today. As of right now it’s just a “viewing” portfolio, but I am hoping to be able to upgrade it to where you can purchase not only the photos themselves but products made from my photos in the future.

Today I am uploading some Potpourri of photos! Just some miscellaneous shots that I took between October & December 2013.



IMG_0639fsas IMG_0926fsas IMG_0997fsas IMG_1018fsas IMG_1456fsas IMG_1462fsas IMG_1577fsas


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My heartfelt book, Losing Alex, which I wrote after the loss of my first baby, Alex, who was stillborn at full term, is now officially an AudioBook and I couldn't be more proud and humbled by the amazing voice of Marsha Waterbury, for lending her talents for my story.

Thank you Marsha!
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